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Wellness Workshops 

Awaken Your Inner Wisdom

Explore Ancient Traditions & Modern Practices for Holistic Wellbeing

Workshops by Jane Taylor

Ready to take action and experience lasting change from the comfort of your home or in a supportive in-person setting?

Taylor Made Therapy offers a unique series of interactive workshops designed to equip you with practical tools and techniques for holistic well-being.

Participate in our engaging online workshops or immerse yourself in the beauty of South Devon with our in-person sessions. Both options offer a blend of engaging activities and insightful guidance. You'll actively participate, learn alongside others, and discover personalised strategies to nurture your mind, body, and spirit.

We cater to diverse goals. Our workshops address a variety of wellbeing needs, from stress management and self-compassion to fostering deeper self-understanding and connection.

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July Workshops 

Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond our control,
we have had to cancel our July group workshops.

You can arrange to have a 1:1 personalised Dowsing session with Jane see details below

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