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I am an Integrative Therapist, Shamanic Practitioner, Professional Dowser, and Energy Healer who believes that in order to re-balance ourselves emotionally, physically and spiritually our energy systems need to be given the opportunity and space for healing to be experienced and explored. 

Having spent many years supporting my own well-being by exploring alternative ways to assist in healing; many of which I have documented through my Holistic Fibro Fighter blog. I co-present a YouTube channel Come Dowse With Me with fellow professional dowser Amanda Peet.  


I am a member of Devon Dowsers, and earlier in 2020 began offering Emotional Dowsing Techniques (EDT) as part of Taylor Made Therapy.

In my spare time, I seek out opportunities to experience alternative therapies and activities, often this becomes material for my blog. I can be found bird-watching and on Dartmoor dowsing ancient sites.

I am an active participant in a drum circle where the power of the drumbeat, raises my energy vibration, which I feel has an extremely positive benefit for my mind, body and soul, bringing everything into alignment.


I like to live by this mantra


'Do what makes you happy, let your soul shine brightly, but most of all, be you' 



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Amanda Peet - Mind Your Mind Founder and Author

recently interviewed me for Meet the Therapist 

This week we meet Jane Taylor...

This week's quick-fire-round interview is with Jane Taylor of Taylor Made Therapy.


6.18 life minutes long

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Come Dowse With Me On YouTube

Join Me and Amanda Peet as we talk all things dowsing, unscripted, unedited with lots of laughter

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