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20 Mins Free Discovery Call

Ask questions, explore your needs, and discover the possibilities

Empowering Change

All new prospective clients are invited to arrange a Discovery Call before engaging in personalised therapy. You can ask me any questions you might have and I can tell you a little more about the way I work, to see if it suits you at this time. This is also an opportunity to see if we would be able to work together. During the Discovery Call, we can also discuss my fees for therapy sessions. I offer transparent pricing and can explain my payment options, including any prepayment plans I may have available. This will help you understand the financial commitment involved in therapy and ensure it aligns with your budget. If cost is a concern, I'm happy to explore options to make therapy more accessible. There is no charge for this first 20 mins session. If I feel I do not have the necessary skills or modality to support you with a particular issue or I do not have the availability you require, I may be able to offer to refer you to another therapist or service. Personalised Learning In addition to therapy, I also offer personalised learning and mentoring. If you're interested in this aspect of my services, we can discuss your goals and explore how I can design a course or program tailored to your specific needs during the Discovery Call. You will receive an email confirmation when using the booking system. Should you use the contact form to request to arrange a discovery call, please check your email for a reply. You may need to add our email to your address book to prevent it going to your spam folder.

Contact Details

07895 413381

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