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“We moderns are the last people on the planet to uncover what older cultures have known for thousands of years: The act of drumming contains a therapeutic potential to relax the tense, energize the tired, and soothe the emotionally wounded”

~ Garry Diggins Ontario Sound Therapist


It is essentially a state of mind, a way to view life as a whole, gaining insight and wisdom to connect with other parts, to heal the divisions, these can occur within the self, within relationships with others and the environment. It is not a belief system, it is a path to knowledge.

It is not about learning something new, but unlearning distorted knowledge already acquired. For clients wanting to develop their creativity, imagination and intuition this type of therapy has much to offer. 

Dating back to at least the stone age, we have all evolved from a shamanic culture rooting us in the past of our ancestors. Taking ancient wisdom and practices and blending with shamanic practices from current indigenous cultures around the globe and adapting to western civilisation we can begin to reconnect with ourselves, deepening our relationship to find a balance with the planet, nature, our own soul and spirit. 

This style of approach to therapy has the idea that humans develop along a spectrum of consciousness of infinite possibilities and works to increase wholeness rather than focus on fixing people so that they can function with socially acceptable norms. 

When we fear the unknown, when we are accessing events from our childhood it can make us learn to un-trust ourselves. Working this way therapeutically can help us to begin to trust ourselves again.  


This is fundamentally asking ourselves questions such as

  • What is beyond me?

  • What makes me function?

  • What makes me the person I am?

It is about developing drive, intuition, the openness of the mind allowing us in turn to be more open. Seeing things in a different light and what makes sense to us.  

I started my journey by attending Shamanic workshops facilitated by Christa Mackinnon, I have since completed my training in Psycho-spiritual & Therapeutic Shamanism, birthed my own drum, carried out research into the benefits of drum healing and now I am able to offer Ancient Wisdom Therapy to facilitate your own journey of reconnection and discovery.    


Working Therapeutically 


Using the beat of a drum, dance or guided into a deep meditation you are invited to journey to reach an altered state of consciousness when your brain synchronises with the theta brain wave. It is a state where you are between being awake and asleep and where you can travel to transpersonal realms, experience new landscapes, encounter animals and other beings each providing you with the wisdom that you seek.

Medicine Wheel

Using a circle of power and knowledge, we can use it to identify balance and the natural order of things. 

Sand Pictures

Using a sand tray you can form pictures and images in the sand using natural materials or specific objects.  Using your unconscious mind and intuition to place objects in a drawn circle in the sand sensing where they belong, rather than your logic to put them in-situ. 


Using Dreams 

Linked also with Jungian tools, working with your dreams can reveal the influence of your unconscious and archetypal energies. Dreamwork can provide wisdom to working with the transpersonal, can give you glimpses of the future. 


Taking shamanic practices outside to reconnect with nature, using elements, plants and animals, creating a space for reflection, experience synchronicity that may reflect what is happening on your inner journey

Rituals & Ceremonies

Creating a bespoke ritual or ceremony, being given the opportunity to honour and express gratitude, to assist in celebration, achieve closure, balance, work with energies and intention.


In 2019 I carried out a research project to discover the general awareness of the use of drumming and the perceived benefits on wellbeing when used as part of healing therapy in a counselling practice.

 Click here to access the abridged version of the report.    


"The most beautiful and profound emotion we can experience is the sensation of the mystical. It is the power of all true science."

~ Albert Einstein 



Sessions can vary in length, due to the nature of this therapy. I would suggest attending at least 2-3 sessions to ensure that we can formulate an intention to focus our work together.



You can choose to arrange to visit me in person at my office based in Newton Abbot, South Devon (close to the railway station and 1hrs free on-street parking) 


Locally at various locations in the surrounding stunning South Devon countryside.


Fees from £50 per hour  

I offer shamanic practices as appropriate to individual clients.

If you would like to experience any part of the therapeutic shamanic practices for self-development or out of pure curiosity,

I can provide a bespoke package based on your requirements.  

Please note that when working in trance states this is not always suitable for some clients due to medication, certain health conditions or when under the influence of recreational drugs.   

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