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Empowering Change

Workshops & Courses for Your Mind, Body, Soul & Spirit Ready to thrive beyond the ordinary? Taylor Made Therapy presents a unique tapestry of workshops and courses designed to awaken your inner wisdom and guide you towards holistic well-being. Here, we bridge the gap between ancient traditions and modern life. Immerse yourself in practical and theoretical activities that nourish your mind, body, soul, and spirit with workshops that could include the following. ☆Ancient Wisdom for Modern Living: learn timeless knowledge and then apply it to help navigate the complexities of today's world. ☆Re-connecting to Nature: Rediscover the profound healing power of the natural world through mindful walks, ecotherapy practices, and nature-based rituals. ☆Subtle Body Anatomy: Delve into the energy systems and chakras that influence your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Learn to balance and activate your subtle energy for optimal health. ☆Shamanic Practices: Embark on a transformative journey through guided visualisations, drumming, and journeying techniques inspired by indigenous wisdom. ☆Visualisation & Meditation: Cultivate inner peace and unlock your creative potential through the power of guided imagery and mindful practices. ☆Energy Exploration: Discover the subtle flow of energy within your body and learn techniques to clear blockages and enhance your overall vitality. ☆Relaxation Skills: Master the art of deep relaxation through breathing exercises, mindfulness techniques, and gentle movement practices. ☆Dowsing: Learn to connect with the wisdom of the Earth and tap into intuitive guidance for personal growth and decision-making. At Taylor Made Therapy, we believe everyone deserves a personalised path to well-being. Our workshops are designed to cater to diverse interests and needs, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your unique journey. Whether you're seeking stress relief, deeper self-understanding, or a connection to something greater, we welcome you to join us and find your perfect path and unlock your full potential. Workshops can be held locally where we are based in beautiful South Devon, if you wish to gather a group together, we can travel to you.

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