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Dowsing Mentoring & Teaching

Learn To Dowse

Personalised Learning

  • 1 h
  • Price On Application
  • Online Dowsing Session or Various Outdoor Locations in South Devon

Empowering Change

Harness the ancient art of dowsing to tap into your intuition, navigate life's challenges, and achieve holistic harmony. Connect with Your Essence 1:1 Mentoring, Coaching & Teaching. Learn the fundamentals of dowsing with bespoke content. We will co-create a personalised dowsing journey tailored to your specific needs and interests, focusing on areas such as Wellbeing Dowsing Identify and address energy imbalances impacting your physical and emotional well-being. Auras and Energy Lines Learn to sense and interpret the subtle energy fields surrounding you and your environment. Ancestral Clearing Address unresolved issues from your lineage that may be affecting you. Delve into your family history and uncover potential ancestral influences impacting your present. Remote Dowsing Use dowsing to gain insights from maps, charts and lists. Intuitive Dowsing While tools can amplify your intuition, dowsing ultimately relies on your inner guidance. We'll explore techniques to develop your innate ability to sense subtle energetic shifts. Session Details Open to individuals over 18. 60 minutes or longer by arrangement. Online sessions available for remote participation. In-person sessions held outdoors in the beautiful South Devon area (location chosen based on your preferred dowsing method). Payment is required at time of booking. 48-hour cancellation policy applies. Embark on a path of self-discovery, emotional liberation, and holistic wellbeing. Contact me today to explore how the ancient skill of dowsing can empower you on your unique journey. If you are a therapist we can look at ways that you can incorporate dowsing into your existing practice.

Contact Details

07895 413381

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