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I decided that I needed to start a blog to share with you all.  There is  life after being given a chronic pain diagnosis. I am not saying that life is easy, it uses a lot of energy, but it is how I channel that energy, to support my healing journey that is important.

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2014 and felt I was being given a life sentence. A debilitating condition that had side swiped me, I had heard nothing of it , until Rheumatology gave me a booklet together with a diagnosis. Life stood still for many months whilst I came to terms with the massive changes in my health, I was too ill to work for 6 months and although being prescribed drugs to ease the pain, I knew I needed to start a journey to help heal myself.

I still have good and bad days but more good days and no drugs; instead I have embraced the holistic lifestyle and am now back to work, part time and give myself time to help heal my body using different therapies. In doing so a whole community has been opened up to me. I understand the need to pace yourself and everyone who suffers from Fibro has very different symptoms, but we all need someone to listen to us and understand the pain is very real, just because you can’t see, the pain isn’t any less.

I feel that having to deal with this condition has made me a more positive person and I now live life to the full, sleeping when I need to and when I have the energy getting on and enjoying my life exploring interests that I did not have time for when I worked full time.

In some weird way Fibro has given me a new lease of life, and a great network of supportive and understanding fellow beings.

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