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Take 5 Minutes To Support Your Own Health and Wellbeing

Over the years, whilst on my own journey to wellness I have experienced a wide variety of therapies, which have all been instrumental into the contributing to my growth in mind, body, soul and spirit.

Whilst this has been rewarding, it would not have been possible if I had not wanted to try to change and heal myself in the first place.

As a therapist I work with clients to support them whilst they are on their own journey of wellness and personal development, everyone has there own unique essence as to what that journey will look like for them and my role is to accompany them.

What I am able to offer are some techniques, that you may like to consider using and I have started to publish a series of 5 minute exercises and ideas to help support you and your own wellbeing. These are posted on Facebook Instagram & Taylor Made Therapy

Your own journey can start here........

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