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Fibro or Flu?

Having spent the past week unable to get out of bed suffering from aching joints, sweats, shivering, a four day headache and the most horrendous cough. I thought I had gone back four years and was having a massive fibromyalgia flare up.

It started on Friday, just after I had completed my weekly yoga class, we had done some cleansing breaths and that had started to move things about, a bit too much maybe! Within in the hour I had got myself home and then crashed and burned on the sofa, the pain in my joints was intense, I thought it might be down to Pigeon pose as that often makes my hips remind me that they are still there. I just wanted to lie still with no noise and my eyes shut. Could this be a flare up? It has been some months since I have had one and my body has adjusted to life.

A niggle in the back of my mind, Oh no, please not again, I have been doing so well, I have not put myself in a stressful situation, I am eating healthy , I  am looking after my body. What have I done wrong……………

NOTHING. I have done nothing wrong, its just my body that has gone wrong. Saturday morning came and I had had little sleep, I just couldn’t get out of bed and so I stayed for the whole weekend, I had lost my appetite, I was still reluctant to take any pain relief I stopped all that almost 2 years ago. I asked my husband for Lucozade and Lemsip. I took 2 capsules, I felt worse hot, sweaty and my heartbeat had speeded up. Oh no, I forgot its got caffeine in it, didn’t think that such a small amount could have such a rapid effect on my body. Although it does remind me of the time I had a wonderful Tiramisu an Italian restaurant, I thought I was having a heart attack, having not drunk caffeine for a number of years.

By Monday, I had decided that this is most certainly Flu not Fibro, now to get to the Doctor. I have had a habit of avoiding visiting the doctor since being diagnosed with Fibro as everything can be put down to Fibro. I got an appointment after getting past the receptionist and speaking to another doctor who when told me to come into the surgery. I struggled to talk as the rasping cough kept taking me out.

Down at the surgery, I started to feel very unwell, came over all hot, shaky and could not stop coughing. Saw I lovely young doctor who told me I looked a bit peeky! they will go a long way. Left with some steroids, my local pharmacist is very helpful and suggested fresh fruit salad as I had not been able to keep any food down, It works, just made a big bowl up, cling filmed it and put it in the fridge and then had a couple of spoonful throughout the day. Result.

Well, here I am almost a week later, still not out of the woods, but at least I’m not spending all day in bed, my appetite has started to return. not needing the painkillers, the cough is still lingering, but at least I can talk and walk now without feeling my lungs about to explode. I have spent every night listening to music and a yoga nidra to help sleep.   Most importantly I knew it was flu and I kept telling myself, I will soon start to feel better. I felt like I wanted to complete my TRE (Trauma Release Exercises) but did not have the energy, I believe I could have shaken it all off. That however is another story.

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