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" We each view the world through the belief filters that we construct as children. these filters are designed to keep us safe and help us identify possible danger. However, sometimes these filters need cleaning out and renewing.

On a subconscious level, we still use those belief filters as a point of reference for our actions and behaviours. The beliefs and decisions you formed pre-six years' old have become the basis of your thoughts today. What appear to be rational thoughts and decisions on the surface may be built on a foundation of misunderstanding and the decisions of a frightened child.

If you find that you are not happy with your life situation and with your health, perhaps it is time to dig down to examine the foundations of the structure"

~ Sam Thorpe META messages from Your Body. 


Emotions & Core Belief Specialist

You may be considering making some changes to enhance your own well-being. 

Are you finding yourself emotionally stuck?

Do you keep repeating the same patterns of behaviour?

Do you find that you are preventing yourself from achieving your full potential, due to thoughts such as  'I am never seen', ' I am never heard', 'I am not good enough', 

' I always feel judged', 'I don't trust anyone', 'everything is a struggle'?

I can support you in starting to release these emotions and core beliefs through Mind Your Mind Techniques you do not need to put your life experiences into words - you just need to state the emotions you are feeling. If you are struggling to identify feelings or emotions, that is not an issue, we can unpick what is going on in your body and mind together. I have the added advantage of being a qualified counsellor and psychotherapist to support you if you wished to explore an issue in more depth. 

As you experience life, the body and brain store up and hoard emotions, core beliefs and ways of reacting to situations, often forming patterns that keep you stuck in the same place, These unprocessed thoughts, feelings and emotions could be keeping you in the cycle of unwanted behaviours and this can have a negative impact on your health and wellbeing. They can even result in you holding pain within areas of your body. 

Mind Your Mind Techniques can....... 

  • Be a powerful way to identify, remove and clear hidden emotions without having to explain or revisit that time in your life, helping you to regain control over how you feel, react and deal with life's challenges.

  • Be an effective way to work with events that you may have had in your life, recently or during your childhood that maybe have a memory attached to them, that is unhelpful and could be impacting how you see yourself now.  

  • Help with many issues such as trauma, depression, grief, anxiety and head clutter.

  • Identify and discover anything that is outdated or stuck, allowing it to be released.

  • Bring a sense of calm, peace and spaciousness.

  • Enhance your life by removing thoughts and emotions that are no longer serving you.

  • Increase your self-confidence and help you to achieve your full potential.


We will work together to explore what you wish to discover about yourself, helping you to navigate through life, using your past to make changes for your future.  

"We can't change our past experiences but we can change what is stuck in our subconscious mind which has our conscious mind believing all sorts of things that are just not right for us in the here and now"

~Amanda Peet Mind Your Mind, Founder and Author


60 mins 


You can choose to arrange to visit me in person at my office based in Newton Abbot, South Devon (close to the railway station and 1hrs free on street parking) 

Internationally via Video Call or Telephone


Fees from £50 per hour 

Mind Your Mind Techniques work towards increasing overall health and wellbeing.

They are not seen as a substitute for medical diagnosis or treatment. 

It is important not to discontinue any treatment, medication or care already in place by your doctor 

or other medical specialist without consultation with them  


"Jane is very friendly, calm and reassuring. I felt very comfortable during our session and within a couple of days had a major shift in the subject we were dealing with.

I would thoroughly recommend her"


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