Counselling & Psychotherapy Explained


There are many reasons why people seek counselling. It can be due to depression, anxiety, living with long-term pain, life changes, loneliness, work, redundancy, family and relationship issues, bereavement, a current crisis or a past experience. It maybe that they are searching for a sense of purpose or perhaps looking to explore their spirituality. 


Counselling looks at ways to understand yourself with a focus on the present problems that you are experiencing right now and works to find solutions. Sometimes it is easy to get stuck in a pattern of behaviour and feel that there is no way out. It is about looking at the challenges that you are facing on a daily basis either at home or at work and identify ways to move forward by changing your thinking and reaction providing you with an opportunity to work towards a more content way of living.  

Counselling describes a talking therapy, where you can share what is troubling you in a safe, secure environment with a professional who has been trained to listen to you.  



Psychotherapy works in the same way as counselling and can help with issues such as bereavement, stress, relationships and addictions. It also supports those suffering mental health challenges such as bipolar, anxiety disorders, depressive disorders and PTSD.

It assists you to have a deeper understanding of your emotions by exploring your past in more depth as well as the present. It questions how you experienced life as a child or young adult and how that might be affecting your life in the present moment. The therapy aims to go to the root and beginning of the issues to help you uncover your core beliefs, identity and how these could be impacting the way you experience and live life now. 

The aim of psychotherapy is to support your choices and increase your awareness encompassing mind, body soul. It is a process of transformation and of self-understanding of what is known and what is not known, so works by exploring the unconscious factors as well as those that you may be aware of.

Outdoor Therapy 

Also known as Eco or Nature Therapy.

Taking your session outside of the therapy room and using the natural environment and landscape can help you to connect with yourself on a deeper level. These sessions can be held in a rural or urban setting, the aim is for you to have an awareness of your surroundings and provide you the opportunity to explore how that makes you feel. 

Extensive research has shown that spending time in nature can benefit mood, help to reduce stress and improve your well-being body, mind and soul.

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