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Counselling & Psychotherapy

I work with particular issues that you may wish to explore in more depth such as

  • anxiety

  • generalised anxiety disorder

  • depression

  • feeling sad

  • panic attacks

  • low self-esteem

  • grief

  • loss

  • living with long-term pain

  • trauma

  • life changes

  • fear

  • loneliness

  • work life balance

  • family and relationships


Whatever you feel you would like to know more about and the way it maybe impacting on your life and the choices you make.

​You may be looking for an opportunity for some personal development, to enhance your life by increasing your self confidence and help you achieve your full potential.

You may have feelings such as sadness, shock, anger, relief, guilt, yearning, questioning your faith or belief systems, bitterness, insomnia or experiencing physical pain 

You may have become withdrawn and isolated or perhaps become so busy you find that you do not have any time to do anything.

You may be thinking that you feel stuck, you can't cope, you don't know what to do.

You may be thinking other people around you don't get how you feel.

Would you like to move on from this stuck place in your life? 


Do you want someone to listen to you without judgement?


Do you want to change the way you feel?

I can help by listening to you, helping you to make sense of what is happening, giving you hope. The aim is for you to find better ways to understand yourself or to bring about change in how you may react or perceive yourself in certain situations, assisting your mind and emotional well-being.


I have a focus on working with adults dealing with Loss, and those living with Chronic Pain making sense of where they are, to give them hope and supporting them to move forward.


How you experience loss is a unique experience, loss can occur in may ways, you may have been made redundant, a breakdown in a relationship, a bereavement of some kind or through a change in your health, such as a chronic pain condition.

Together we will find coping strategies and ways to process what you are going through.

By exploring what is going on in your mind and body you can begin to heal yourself, it gives you the space and opportunity to externalise thoughts, feelings and emotions to assist in your well-being and re-balancing your energy system or to bring about change in how you may feel emotionally and physically. Providing you with coping strategies to be able to live a more fulfilling life and understanding your reactions to certain situations that you may find yourself experiencing now and in the future. 

How I work 

I am an integrative therapist using a range of therapeutic modalities which gives you the client the space to talk about you, externalising your thoughts, feelings and emotions. Working with your unique essence to bring yourself into alignment with your mind, body, soul and spirit.


What Next?



Individuals over 18 

60 mins sessions 

Long and Short Term Therapy



Face to Face sessions are held at the office in Newton Abbot, South Devon

Situated close to the railway station, just a short stroll away. Easy access by bus. 

There is on street parking available outside the office which is free for 1 hour.  

Walk & Talk in local area close to the office


via Video Call and Telephone



£45 per 60 mins session. Payment to be made in advance by BACS.

Concessionary rate available for students enrolled on a counselling course.  


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