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Stones of Meaning

Are you struggling or feel overwhelmed?

Do you feel anxious or fearful?  


Are you living with long-term pain or feel isolated?

Have you experienced a loss of any kind?

Have you experienced a life event that is impacting you now?  

By exploring what is going on in your mind and body you can begin to heal yourself; giving you the space and opportunity to externalise thoughts, feelings and emotions assisting in your well-being and re-balancing of your energy system which brings about change in how you may feel emotionally and physically, giving you hope to move forward.


Working with issues that you may wish to explore such as anxiety, loss, chronic pain, bereavement, depression, low self-esteem, lacking in confidence, spirituality and for those who are looking for some personal self-development. Together we find new ways of making changes to your thought processes and to explore how you can begin to heal yourself, giving you the strength to begin your own journey through to wellness.

Counselling provides you with the tools to be able to live a more fulfilling life and an understanding of your reactions to certain situations that you may find yourself experiencing now and in the future.

How I work 

I am an integrative therapist using a range of therapeutic modalities to support you, the sessions are tailored to your needs, working with your unique essence to bring yourself back into alignment with your mind, body, soul and spirit.   

Together we will begin your own journey of change.......




Individuals over 18 

Session ideally on a weekly basis as this helps to build the therapeutic relationship (If this is not possible for you, then we can discuss alternative arrangements) 

Short-term therapy using a focussed approach 8-10 weeks to help you deal with a specific issue, helping you to move forward.

Longer-term therapy is used to explore your history more fully in relation to your current life experiences, this can be from 6-18 months or longer depending on when you feel that you are ready to move on.    




Face to Face sessions are held at the office in Newton Abbot, South Devon

Situated close to the railway station, just a short stroll away. Easy access by bus. 

There is on-street parking available outside the office which is free for 1 hour.  

Eco-Therapy in the local area close to the office


Fees from £50 per hour. Payment to be made in advance by BACS.


Taylor Made Therapy

Mind ~ Body ~ Soul