Applied Emotional Freedom Technique

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Applied Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) also known as tapping can be an effective way to work with negative emotions that may be linked to small and large life events, thought patterns, or a destructive relationship. This is due to the distressing experience or memory causing a disruption to the body's energy system along the meridian pathways, resulting in disharmony. EFT corrects the reversal by targeting the disruption in the system then the issue can be worked on. 
This technique uses acupressure points that you tap on whilst saying words that keep your attention on what you want the tapping to alter.

I also have the added advantage of being a Counsellor and Psychotherapist should you wish to explore any issues at a greater depth.    

Applied EFT can....... 

  • Be a powerful way to deal with negative emotions

  • Be an effective way to work to handle anxiety 

  • Be used to work with trauma 

  • Help to deal with phobias 

  • Support with physical symptoms

  • Help to alter patterns of behaviour 

  • and so much more.............  

If you are unable to verbalise what you are experiencing, we can work to develop the technique so that you are able to use whatever feels right for you in order to invite change into your life.  

We will work together to explore what you wish to discover about yourself, helping you to navigate through life, using your past to make changes for your future.  

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60 mins 


You can choose to arrange to visit me in person at my office based in Newton Abbot, South Devon (close to the railway station and 1hrs free on street parking) 

Internationally via Video Call or Telephone


Fees from £50 per hour 

Applied EFT works towards increasing overall health and wellbeing.

It is not seen as a substitute for medical diagnosis or treatment. 

It is important not to discontinue any treatment, medication or care already in place by your doctor 

or other medical specialist without consultation with them  

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