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Taylor Made Therapy co.uk

I work with you when you are experiencing discomfort within your life,

 this could be related to the past, present and future.

I accompany you whilst you navigate through your own landscape,

by exploring what you need to discover about yourself.

I provide you with the space and support that you may require

to make a difference in the way, you think, you feel and you react. 

I offer a bespoke therapy service tailored to your unique essence,

to bring about a realignment to your mind, body and soul.

Jane Taylor

Integrative Therapist  



I am the founder of Taylor Made Therapy, providing clients with therapy that is tailored to their individual needs. Having trained in a number of disciplines, I draw upon these to support my work and use an integrative approach to sessions.  


Specialising in working with emotions and core beliefs that are often linked to life events, such as loss, illness, accidents, moving home or events that you have experienced in your childhood. This can cause repeating patterns of behaviour and can also be the root of pain held within the body. Releasing emotions and negative beliefs that are no longer helpful can enhance life, bringing about a sense of calm, peace and spaciousness. I use Applied Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Emotional Dowsing Techniques (EDT) and Mind Your Mind Techniques to help with these types of issues.

The offering of Psycho-Spiritual and Therapeutic Shamanism can change the way to view life as a whole, gaining insight and wisdom to connect with other parts, to heal the divisions, that can occur within the self, within relationships with others and the environment. It is not a belief system, it is a path to knowledge.

Counselling & Psychotherapy sessions can be 60 or 90 mins long, these are offered face to face at the office or you are invited to join me for a walk and talk as part of an Eco-therapy session in the glorious South Devon countryside.


Investing in yourself can have a positive influence on reaching your full potential in both your personal and business roles. I offer the opportunity for development individually or within small group workshops. The content can be bespoke containing practical and theoretical activities based around energy medicine, subtle body anatomy, shamanic practice 0r with a focus on spiritual exploration to promote the wellbeing of your own mind, body, soul and spirit.


Reiki & Seichem offers a non-invasive therapy suitable for animals and humans, by stimulating the body’s own natural ability for self-healing, working with the energy systems, chakras, auras and meridians. It is a tradition that is open to any belief system. Treatments can help the body physically, emotionally or spiritually, bringing harmony and balance.

When working with animals and their human companions the invitation is to visit the animal in their own environment or via distant Reiki.   

Sessions are held at the office in Newton Abbot, South Devon which is close to the mainline railway station, free on-street parking for 1 hour is available next to Courtney Park.

I look forward to working with you, as you start your journey to create a better understanding of yourself. 

Warm wishes


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Taylor Made Therapy~ In Person Sessions during COVID-19

Face to face sessions are in line with the latest government guidance.


Taylor Made Therapy has their own office space, based in Newton Abbot, close to the main line train station.

It can also be reached by bus, a short stroll from the bus station in the centre of the town.   

or 1 hours free on street parking is available opposite the office if arriving by car. 


The room is light, airy and spacious. We are able to sit more than 2 metres apart during a session. Situated in a quiet location close to the park and on the ground floor, the front door is reached by a flight of steps.  

Taylor Made Therapy Office Newton Abbot

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"We are all energy. How we use that energy

 will start us on our journey to heal our bodies"

~ Jane Taylor 


"Jane is a lovely lady and I studied Reiki alongside her 2015. She has worked very hard to arrive at her current destination, I can recommend her services with a gold star."

Fiona Dodd ~ SunflowerMoon Holistics 

Taylor Made Therapy

Mind ~ Body ~ Soul