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"We are all energy. How we use that energy, will start us on our journey to heal our bodies" ~ Jane Taylor 


Taylor Made Therapy

Taylor Made Therapy

~ Opening of New Office Space ~


Face to face sessions have now resumed and are in line with the latest government guidance.


Taylor Made Therapy has recently acquired their own office space, based in Newton Abbot, close to the main line train station.

It can also be reached by bus, a short stroll from the bus station in the centre of the town.   

or 1 hours free on street parking is available opposite the office if arriving by car. 


The room is light, airy and spacious. we are able to sit more than 2 metres apart during a session. Situated in a quiet location close to the park and on the ground floor, the front door is reached by a flight of steps.  

Counselling & Psychotherapy 

Are you struggling or feel overwhelmed?

Do you feel anxious or fearful?  


Are you living with long term pain or feel isolated?

Have you experienced loss of any kind?

Have you had a previous traumatic experience?  


 I Can Help ~ arrange for a 10 mins no obligation call 


I would like counselling to be more accessible and with that in mind, I aim to provide an affordable service. I have some concessionary rates available for trainee counsellors and those on low incomes.


Emotional Dowsing Techniques (EDT)

There are power in the words that have been said to you in the past and by identifying and rephrasing them now, we can make a change for your future.

By tapping into your subconscious to identify emotions and core beliefs that have been stored there over time, safely releasing them to help you move forward.

It is not necessary to have a belief system for EDT to be effective. If you are curious about the experience and how it may help you, please contact me for a discovery call .  

Jane is a professional dowser and EDT practitioner.


Sessions can be arranged to be held in the office based in Newton Abbot or remotely worldwide via Zoom

Taylor Made Therapy

Do you wish to explore, what is going on in your life 


 Are there things you would like to change  

Are you in need of some healing   


I offer bespoke therapy sessions giving you the space and opportunity to nurture your mind, body and soul.


Start your journey here    

Walk & Talk Nature Therapy 

Are you looking for a therapist, but do not wish to have a session indoors due to the current situation with Covid19? 


How would it feel to join me for a walk and talk therapy session outdoors? 

Studies show that being in nature can support your mental health and wellbeing. This type of therapy allows you that space to explore what you wish to talk about, whilst experiencing being outside in the fresh air and surrounded by the natural world

Please contact me for further information   

About Me

Jane Taylor

Counsellor, Psychotherapist & EDT Practitioner.

Based in South Devon ~

I offer face to face sessions and walk and talk from my office in Newton Abbot. 

I also work worldwide remotely via zoom and telephone 

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"Jane is a lovely lady and I studied Reiki alongside her 2015. She has worked very hard to arrive at her current destination, I can recommend her services with a gold star."

Fiona Dodd ~ SunflowerMoon Holistics 

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