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Jane Taylor of Taylor Made Therapy

Welcome to Taylor Made Therapy

Therapy, Energy Healing & Workshops with Jane Taylor

Saturday 20th April 10 am - 1pm
Pavilions Teignmouth

Meet Jane Taylor

Pluralistic Therapist 

At Taylor Made Therapy, true healing isn't just about feeling good, it's about igniting your vibrant potential. We delve beyond the surface, where mind, body, soul, and spirit intertwine like ancient roots.

Combining her expertise in psychotherapeutic exploration, EFT, dowsing, energy healing, and shamanic practices, Jane creates personalised  experiences, guiding you to rediscover your inner spark and claim your wholeness.

Imagine navigating life's challenges with newfound resilience. Ready to embark on your unique path?

Jane Taylor of Taylor Made Therapy

"Imagine how you would feel when you discover why you respond and react in certain situations. The insight received will transform and empower you. The magic begins as you heal from the inside, summoning a change in your energy and a new way of being."

Unlock your potential and find inner peace. Schedule your free discovery call today.


“I had three Remote Healing Sessions. In brief, it is like having a healing MOT for areas that you don’t realise need attention.  Was it like Reiki?  Yes and much more.  Jane is professional all the way and Jane's beautiful way of working makes you feel like you are in safe hands.

Five out of five stars - highly recommended”

- A.P.

“Jane is highly aware of the Seichem energies flowing through her and draws on a variety of tools to help the healing process. She has the ability to understand what is needed at the time to support you on your journey. Her calm, supportive manner is deceptive of how powerful an energy healing session with her can be!”

- E.Y.

Jane is very friendly, calm and reassuring. I felt very comfortable during our session and within a couple of days had a major shift in the subject we were dealing with.

I would thoroughly recommend her. ”

- P.C.

"I love EDT- it is gentle and non-intrusive and really helps clear out the archives!

Jane was warm, gentle and really professional.

I felt I could really trust her. She made me feel really comfortable and safe.

I would highly recommend Jane and her EDT." 

- J.C 

"Jane is professional in the delivery of her workshop." 


"Thank you so much, you have really given me something else to consider"


"Oh wow, this really works!"

- Workshop



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